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Spear teams up with Illochroma

July 20, 2005

Spear teams up with Illochroma
over beer (labels)
Illochroma Labelling Group and Spear have joined forces to create Illo-Spear, which will produce labels for the beer industry.
Illochroma is a supplier of wet glue labels with production plants in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Poland. Spear, with plants in the US and UK, produces clear film pressure sensitive labels.
“In response to the growing demand for clear labels and to fulfill many of our customers’ desires for a sole provider of clear labeling solutions, Illochroma and Spear have created a partnership that will bring together the best technical resources to develop and deliver clear labeling decorating systems,” says Dan Muenzer, marketing director for Spear, which is based in Mason, OH.
Illo-Spear will service the beer industry worldwide with a range of clear labels, including pressure sensitive film labels, and both Tactiphane and Illoclear labels for wet glue applications. Clear labeling products for both one-way and returnable bottles will be offered.
The company will offer a range of printing processes, including flat bed screen, rotary screen, letterpress, offset, flexography, rotogravure, hot stamping, and combination printing.