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acares appoints

July 20, 2005

acares appoints
N. American distributor
Zacares Numeradores S.A., of Benisano, Spain, has appointed Zacares America Inc. as exclusive North American distributor for its numbering machines. Vinny Placella heads the Zacares America office.
Zacares numbering machines and parts are compatible with Leibinger and Atlantic/Zeiser equipment. The company offers complete machines as well as all component parts, including individual convex wheels. Zacares also manufactures selected press accessories, video inspection systems, electronically controlled numbering systems, and electronic systems for throwing cams on and off in sequence. Rounding out their line is MICR and Arabic ribbon for encoders, as well as laser toner cartridges.
More information is available by calling 516-541-8880. The fax number is 516-541-8884, and the e-mail address is The web address is