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Item level tagging

July 20, 2005

Item level tagging
While new RFID uses were emphasized, RFID tagging in logistics was not ignored. Presentations from organizations, such as the US Department of Defense and Hewlett-Packard, discussed the benefits of using RFID in the supply chain.
The focus remains on the case and pallet level, but some presenters were quick to point out that item level tracking is coming.
James Stafford, technical executive, IPX, for retailer Marks & Spencer spoke about several RFID trials conducted by the company. Among them is a business case trial that will begin this month and end in July. The trial will include labeling more than 200,000 men’s suits.
CVS also discussed the value in piloting RFID at the item level for pharmaceuticals. Steve Lang, director of the project management office, said item level tracking would be “narrowly focused and customer centered.”