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Pilot test facility

July 20, 2005

Pilot test facility
opened by Goldschmidt
Beginning in the autumn of 2004, Degussa’s Goldschmidt RC Silicones group will open an additional pilot plant in Essen, Germany. The company plans to demonstrate and test various curing and drying technologies used in the production of release and adhesive coatings, under conditions approximating those in industry.
This plant will feature a machine that applies silicones, adhesives, and other coating compounds to continuous web substrates using a variety of coating techniques. Curing can be accomplished using UV light, heat or both. An additional feature is the ability to carry out a number of coating processes during a single pass operation. This allows the application of both release and adhesive coatings to be applied during a single coating run.
Degussa is a multinational corporation and Germany’s third largest chemical company.