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Philips and Checkpoint

July 20, 2005

Philips and Checkpoint
form RFID partnership
The successful implementation of any low-cost RFID technology within the supply chain clearly depends on sound partnerships between the providers of RF-based product identification systems and the electronics industry. The latest move in this direction involves Checkpoint Systems Europe and Royal Philips Electronics. In a strategic alliance, the companies will provide RFID-enabled tags and readers, combined with system integration services, to retailers and fast-moving consumer products companies. They are already working together on several European retail industry projects using Philips’ HF and UHF RFID chips.
Christophe Duverne, a vice president at Philips Semiconductors, says Checkpoint is well positioned in the retail sector: “RFID brings tremendous opportunities for value creation, in particular to the retail sector, and this partnership will focus on capturing these opportunities.” So far this year Checkpoint has deployed Philips RFID chips in more than 12 in-store and supply chain applications. Both companies hope that the partnership will result in a significant lowering of the cost of RFID tags through advanced manufacturing techniques and processes.
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