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NOSCO, Verify Brand

July 20, 2005

NOSCO, Verify Brand
focus on Rx security
Verify Brand Inc., of Minneapolis, has formed an agreement with NOSCO Printing Group, of Waukegan, IL, to jointly produce, market and sell the patent-pending Verify Brand product security and authentication capabilities to pharmaceutical and medical products brand owners.
The product is based on proprietary technology that generates and applies a serialized or unique alphanumeric code in human-readable or scannable format to individual product labels or packaging in a high-secure environment. The solution then enables brand owners, distributors, retailers and consumers to easily verify the authenticity of products using the Internet or telephone. The solution also logs all verification activity and user-submitted reports, detects and identifies the location of counterfeit and diverted product, and provides reports and alerts, all in real time.
According to NOSCO President Russ Haraf, “Pharmaceutical companies are faced with the increasing threat of counterfeiting and diversion. At NOSCO, one of our goals is to help brand owners protect product integrity by giving them tools to identify and eliminate the counterfeiting and diversion of their products. We are pleased to work with Verify Brand to bring this exciting new technology to the pharmaceutical industry.”
NOSCO has manufacturing plants in Gurnee and Waukegan, IL, and in Carrolton, TX.