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Paperplus’ formed to unite Europe’s specialty

July 20, 2005

Twelve European producers of specialty papers have established an association to represent their interests and jointly promote paper as a preferred material for flexible packaging, labeling and self-adhesive materials.
The Speciality Paper Manufacturers Association, which will be known as “Paperplus”, will represent manufacturers of one-side coated and calendered papers used for flexible packaging, wet glue labels and self-adhesive laminates.
Paperplus will focus its activities on three areas: promoting targeted paper products for use primarily in the food and beverage industries; producing relevant European trade statistics for its members; and lobbying EU and national governments on behalf of its members for better paper based packaging legislation.
Paper is popular, but its market position has deteriorated in recent years. According to Paperplus, the paper industry has not communicated environmental and economic advantages its products have to offer, and new developments are insufficiently known.
Paperplus is based in Brussels. The executive board consists of seven members and is chaired by Diego Borello, president of Ahlstrom’s Labelpack division. The secretary general is Rein J. Middelburg.
Paperplus will co-operate with other associations within the paper industry and is seeking to work closely with trade associations representing the customer industries, such as there are for flexible packaging, self-adhesive laminates and label production.
Currently 12 companies, including several of the world’s leading paper producers, have signed up as members of Paperplus. The 23 specialty paper mills of these member companies represent almost the entire European production of one-side coated packaging and label papers and a very large part of the European self-adhesive base paper production.
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