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ID Label buys

July 20, 2005

ID Label buys
Image Scan
ID Label Inc., of Lake Villa, IL, has acquired Image Scan, of East Providence, RI. With the purchase, ID Label plans to expand its capabilities in the variable imaging and pre-print bar coding industries.
ID Label, Inc. specializes in variable imaging and bar code printing. Image Scan’s focus is similar, but company officials say that its equipment is ideal for printing higher quantities of variable imaging and bar coding jobs. In the transaction, ID Label also acquired a Mark Andy 10" 2200 four-color press with an ion deposition unit, and several multicolor digital presses.
The company now operates under the ID Label. Key officers are Neil Johnston, president; Jeff Chandler and Tom Morgan, vice presidents.
Among ID Label’s product offerings are laminated and/or pre-printed labels for harsh environments, long range retro-reflective labels with hanging signs, warehouse floor bar code labeling for hard-to-label areas, sequential and/or pallet ID paper labels, and product ID labels for proper marking of manufactured products. The company also offers blank thermal transfer and direct thermal labels, data collection units, laser scanners, and label printing software.