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RFID Mark standard announced by AIM

July 20, 2005

RFID Mark standard announced by AIM
AIM Global, an association representing companies in the automatic identification, data collection and networking industry, has announced the creation of the AIM RFID Mark to indicate the presence of an RFID transponder within a label or tag.
According to an association statement, people using handheld scanners might find it difficult to differentiate labels that contain RFID transponders from those that don’t. The AIM RFID Mark shows the presence of an RFID transponder, its frequency and data structure. It is a pattern containing a two-character code, the first indicating frequency and coding authority, the second indicating the data content and/or structure.
The standard was developed by the AIM North America Standards Action Group (NASAG) under the umbrella of the AIM Global Standards Action Group (GlobalSAG) and the AIM Global RFID Action Group (AG).