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ANI Supplies launched

July 20, 2005

ANI Printing Inks has introduced an outlet for pressroom supplies and consumables to the narrow web market in North America. ANI Supplies is a new business unit within ANI Printing Inks, Plymouth, MN. The initial focus of this business unit will be in North America and will be headed by Mike Buystedt, director of new market development. This is the first step in the global launch of this new business unit, according to Buystedt.
A series of supply packages will be launched monthly throughout 2005, and the company will have a specific product featured monthly. January’s package is personal safety; featured products are UV filter sleeves and sheets. UV inks cure at a certain wavelength (typically between 300 and 400 nanometers); to ensure that the curing process does not prematurely occur in pressrooms where UV inks may be exposed to fluorescent lights or outside lighting, UV filter sleeves and sheets are used. Sleeves surround fluorescent light bulbs providing a shield against unwanted UV light; UV filter sheets protect from outside lighting and are placed directly over windows.
The ANI Supplies web site is currently under construction. More information is available from Mike Buystedt: 763-398-3821 or mike.buystedt@