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Ink partnership intensifies fight against fakes

July 20, 2005

Ink partnership intensifies fight against fakes
Overt or covert security related inks play a pivotal role in the constant fight against counterfeit products, including pharmaceuticals. With this in mind, InkSure Technologies has teamed up with Security Industries, a new business unit formed by Merck of Darmstadt, Germany, as part of a global marketing partnership. The latter combines the know-how and products of Merck’s Pigments and Liquid Crystals divisions. It specializes in overt marking materials that can immediately identify whether a product is real or fake. InkSure specializes in machine-readable covert security markings, which require specialized readers to detect embedded features that are invisible to the naked eye. When both technologies are combined, the result is a multi-tiered security feature with multiple authentication levels.
“Merck’s Security Industries and InkSure each have distinctly different technologies that fit well together to offer a combined, double-barreled protection against counterfeiting,” says Michael Weiden, manager of Security Industries. Yaron Meerfeld, CEO of InkSure Technologies, adds: “InkSure has access to the ticketing and brand protection industries, while Merck has customers in the banknotes, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Our cooperation will enable each company to reach a wider customer base, while providing our respective customers a broader array of authentication solutions.” The new business unit has assembled a team of security experts from Merck’s divisions in Germany, the USA and the UK. They are marketing the specialized security products through Merck companies around the world.
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