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3 Spartanics managers become its owners

July 20, 2005

3 Spartanics managers become its owners
Three Spartanics executives who have been responsible for managing major segments of the company in recent years assumed ownership in February. The new owners are Tom Kleeman, Bill Gillen, and Tom O’Hara.
Spartanics manufactures equipment for inspection, diecutting, counting and batching, and special materials handling for printers. Headquarters is in Rolling Meadows, IL, USA.
Kleeman, a 27-year Spartanics employee who had been chief technical officer, is now CEO. Gillen, a 26-year veteran who had been Spartanics VP Manufacturing since 2000, is the new COO, overseeing manufacturing and service operations. O’Hara, a CPA, who joined Spartanics in 2000 as VP Finance, is president.
Bill Knotts has been named VP sales and marketing.