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Water Ink Technologies celebrates 20 years

July 20, 2005

Water Ink Technologies celebrates 20 years
Water Ink Technologies, of Lincolnton, NC, USA, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Early in 1985, Water Ink Technologies began providing water based inks and coatings to narrow web flexo printers.
Originally located in a small plant in Iron Station, NC, Water Ink Technologies quickly expanded. Today’s operations include a new headquarters and plant in Lincolnton and nine branches throughout the US and Canada. The company also has distributors in Mexico, Central and South America.
Among the company’s early innovations was the Ink Miser computerized ink blending system. Another was QVS — Quality Verification System — which guarantees consistent color batch to batch. Water Ink Technologies also introduced a complete line of safer UV inks and coatings with lower draize levels and free of all chemically suspect and hazardous materials. Its most recent innovation is a line of water based inks for high definition printing that is virtually maintenance free.
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