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Stork Cellramic to sell Alphasonics equipment

July 20, 2005

Stork Cellramic to sell Alphasonics equipment
Anilox roll manufacturer Stork Cellramic, a division of Stork Materials Technology based in Milwaukee, WI, USA, has reached an agreement to market and sell Alphasonics anilox cleaning equipment in North America.
Ultrasonic cleaners in general have had a reputation for being effective, but potentially dangerous to the anilox cells, according to Mat Jones, sales and marketing manager for Stork Cellramic. “Alphasonics has eliminated the destructive nature of the older technology by incorporating a ‘supersweeping’ generator that eliminates the hot spots.” It is the hot spots generated by fixed frequency machines that can damage anilox cells, he adds.
Alphasonics has also developed “Alphasound” dual frequency capability, which allows for daily cleaning with softer high frequency, as well as a more aggressive cleaning with the lower frequency if required.