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Sun Chemical signs

July 20, 2005

Sun Chemical signs
as MetalFX provider
Sun Chemical has signed up as an official MetalFX ink maker, meaning that inks for the MetalFX process metallic color system are available from the world’s biggest ink company.
According to John Adkin, Sun’s European product director for sheetfed and UV inks, “Sun Chemical has been interested in the development of MetalFX for some time now, and interest has now become sufficient in the marketplace for us to become an official MetalFX ink supplier.”
MetalFX, based in England, is a printing process that involves silver ink overlaid with transparent color ink, resulting in the availability of a wide spectrum of colored metallic printed products.
Thousands of metallic colors can be created by overprinting CMYK values onto the MFX Base silver ink. Color specification is controlled through the MFX software and swatch books. The process inks used for MetalFX® have clearly defined values so manufacturers have the ability to produce compatible inks.