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Wireless inspection

July 20, 2005

Wireless inspection
Tectonic International in Wales, UK, claims to offer the industry’s first low cost print inspection system with wireless image transfer. The new K2it series can transfer 22 MB of image data per second to a remote console. It incorporates high resolution digital cameras combined with Tectonic’s own embedded implementation of an industry standard communications protocol (802.11b).
Basically, the technology has two functions: as a normal print quality inspection device for press operators and as a management tool. Nominated personnel can log into any installed K2it module and check the quality of on-demand images during a print run, as well as receive data on press performance. This type of image transfer can be done using any networked PC located in the factory. No special cabling or an expensive installation is required.
The system incorporates a 16x motorized zoom lens to provide 40 times magnification, a double strobe assembly and a robust camera case designed to fit most narrow web presses. Tectonic International Ltd. of Merthyr Tydfil ( was founded in 1993 and claims installations in over 70 countries. Its most familiar product is the Lynx line of video web inspection systems.

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