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Chemsultants offers sessions with PSTC, ASC

September 7, 2005

Chemsultants offers sessions with PSTC, ASC
A variety of Workshop Training Sessions will be offered by Chemsultants through October. The sessions will take place at Chemsultants’ headquarters in Mentor, OH, USA. They have been developed in conjuction with, and endorsed by, the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council and the Adhesive and Sealant Council.
Introduction to Pressure Sensitive Tapes and PSTC Test Methods, Test Training Workshop, will be held August 22-24, and again from October 10 to 12.
Introduction to Liquid Adhesives and Sealants, Laboratory Technician Training Workshop, will take place August 22-24 and October 12-14.
September 27-28 will feature two programs: Laboratory Technician PSA Testing Certification, and Introduction to PSA Technology.
For more information, contact Chemsultants International Network, tel. 440-352-0218, or visit