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September 7, 2005

Ease of use featured
in new flexo plate analyzer
Greater emphasis on quality control in the flexo world leads right back to the printing plate itself. The latest offering to measure and analyze flexo plate quality comes from Troika Systems Ltd. (, which offers the FlexoCAM. It is said to automatically focus on the surface of the plate, which can be flat, mounted on a sleeve, or even on a large cylinder. By examining the top of the plate and analyzing through to the base of the material, users obtain a 3D view of the area being analyzed. Detailed color images captured by the FlexoCAM are viewed on a PC screen, with the device linking directly via a USB interface. Troika says its product will read all screen rulings, including stochastic dots, on either transparent or opaque flexo plate materials.
Troika showed a prototype of FlexoCAM at Drupa 2004 and a more finished product at CMM in Chicago. “Users told us there has been a need for a practical flexo dot meter for some years,” said Phil Hall, managing director. “They said existing systems are either too limited in the media that they can measure, or that they require a highly skilled operator to obtain useable results.” Production versions of the product are now being distributed in global markets. The basic FlexoCAM version costs around US$9,000. A version with a 3D dot analysis option to give users a 3D view of dot structures and halftone dot readings may appear soon. Later this year Troika plans to introduce AniCAM for anilox inspection and analysis, to provide feedback on cell depth, quality and wear.
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