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Rotary folding carton converting system

September 7, 2005

Rotary folding carton converting system
Schober USA
Cincinnati OH USA
The new PBO line of Rotary Folding Carton Converting Systems was created for the production of folding cartons from cardboard stock up to 350 g/m2. Pre-printed materials can be processed at speeds up to 1000 ft/min (300 m/min). This system includes a sturdy base frame with two or more independent workstations, nip rolls, skew tape conveyor, shingle delivery with gap generator and carton stacker with exchangeable cassettes, and a servo driven main drive system with automatic tension control and automatic register control. Waste material is removed from chad-pins and invalid products are separated by a deflector. Systems for web widths up to 45.25" (1150mm) are also available.