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HP Indigo substrates

October 18, 2005

HP Indigo substrates
to be evaluated at RIT
HP announced that its six-year-old HP Indigo media certification program at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Printing Applications Laboratory has been expanded to become the Worldwide Media Center for evaluating media used on HP Indigo digital presses. As part of the expansion, RIT has installed a new HP Indigo 5000 press and a new HP Indigo ws4050 press to expand its testing capabilities.
HP Indigo presses print on a wide range of approved substrates for high-end digital color printing — from coated and uncoated papers to transparencies, labels and plastic stocks. Substrates for specialty printing include PVC, polyester and polycarbonate.
An evaluation from RIT is behind every certification evaluation in the approval process. It examines a substrate’s runnability, ink transferability, blanket compatibility, and other factors, such as ink/media interaction and flaking.
To conduct the tests on the HP Indigo digital presses, RIT has a full-scale, controlled environment where substrates are evaluated on a range of HP Indigo presses. The certification process takes an average of six hours per substrate sample.