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New UK company formed with two new press agencies

October 18, 2005

New UK company formed with two new press agencies
LPP Ltd., a newly formed company in Manchester, England, has been appointed agent for Aquaflex covering the UK and Ireland. Rotoflex, a Barcelona based manufacturer of forms and label presses, has made a similar arrangement with LPP.
The company was formed by Les Bradley, who previously owned Arpeco UK (at a time when the original Arpeco company manufactured the wide web Impressionist packaging press). Bradley later formed Labelpack Equipment with Fred Osborne to sell and service label printing and converting equipment. This was when the connection with both Rotoflex and Aquaflex was developed. LPP will be responsible for sales, technical service and spare parts supply for the UK and Irish markets for both manufacturers.
As is widely known, Aquaflex received a new lease on life after being acquired by F.L. Smithe Machine Co., of Duncansville, PA, USA. Appointing an agent for the relatively important UK and Irish markets is seen as an important step in its expansion into European and Asian markets. “The rebirth of Aquaflex is an exciting thing to witness,” said Stuart Roberts, Aquaflex VP of international sales. “In just over a year we have made tremendous strides in the US. Our customers are returning to us and sales are very strong due to product innovations and world class service. This is a formula for success that we intend to take worldwide.”
“Aquaflex has always been a respected name,” said Fred Osborne. “The company went through a rough patch, but the product remained strong. Since F.L. Smithe took control, it’s been nothing but good news. Now, it is taking that success and building a strong support base to expand product sales and service globally.”
“Aquaflex has done an amazing turnaround,” Les Bradley added. “There is a new energy in the company and a new determination to be an industry leader.”
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