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Double-coated acrylic adhesive tape

October 18, 2005

Double-coated acrylic adhesive tape
Riverhead NY USA
The new 353M Double-Coated Acrylic Adhesive Tape System combines quick-stick properties with temperature performances of acrylic systems. 353M is engineered for numerous substrate-bonding applications involving low energy surfaces and challenging foams, such as cross-linked polyethylene, low perms, ethers, and esters. It incorporates a differential caliper coating of 1.7 mil (exposed side) and 1.3 mil (liner side), with typical peel values of 72 oz./in. width (exposed) and 64 oz./in. width (liner). Liner options include 55 lb. densified Kraft, 74 lb. polycoated paper, 12 pt. board, and a 2-mil PET.