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Published November 28, 2005
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ooklet labels
with smart approach
The RFID bandwagon rolls on with several ingenious approaches to integrated production now becoming available. Among the latest is the so called Intelligent Converter, introduced at Labelexpo by the Switzerland based GRE Engineering Products. The company is better known for refurbishing second-hand Gallus presses, as well as building customized booklet label retrofits for all types of label presses. In a sign of the times it is also targeting the RFID market by offering retrofit kits for most webfed label presses. The machine shown produced a 10-page zigzag folded, four-color “smart” booklet label. It was based on a multiweb Gallus R200 press adapted to include a Longford RFID inlay feeder and chip verifier, a two-color VP2020 UV inkjet printer from VIPcolor, UV varnisher, and foil and hologram stamper.
The group’s Digital Solutions Division has also signed an agreement with Impika, a French manufacturer of high resolution drop-on-demand UV inkjet modules for labels, mailers and document processing. Its IPS C-9000, for example, prints at up to 900dpi at up to 78 feet per minute. GRE Digital plans to develop new types of high end digital color printing lines using VIPcolor and/or Impika modules, incorporating such ancillaries as Longford RFID insetters and laser cutters from Cartes Equipment.

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