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A true story

January 16, 2006

A true story
The editor of this magazine was approached recently in a wine store by a person promoting the products of Oxford Landing, an Australian winery. The sales person actually directed his attention to the back label to show him a perforated section of the label, backed by silicone and not stuck to the bottle, which could be removed and saved. “To Remember, Peel Here” said the little tab.
It worked. He bought the wine, which was OK. And he will remember the label, which is why we thought this particular novelty would be a perfect way to introduce an occasional feature in our news pages. This issue’s gem is a product called “Wine Find”, trademarked by Collotype Labels, of Australia. “Enjoying new wines is one thing,” goes the converter’s promotional text. “Remembering their details at the next purchase opportunity is another. Wine Find™ solves that problem with its unique removeable reminder panel, turning your label into a silent sales person.”

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