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Indigo users form Dscoop support group

March 9, 2006

Indigo users form Dscoop support group
Owners of HP Indigo presses have formed Digital Solutions Cooperative — Dscoop — to help users leverage their investments in HP’s digital print technology. Dscoop now comprises press owners and users as well as HP representatives and Indigo specialists.
According to Dscoop Chairman Jack Glacken, “The organization has seen major success since its inception, and has produced a unique set of programs designed to maximize value from Indigo digital presses, and to leverage their capabilities.”
Programs include webinars, an online forum, a national conference planned for April 2006, and a direct connection to HP to ensure that future Indigo releases meet the needs of the digital print marketplace.”
“It’s our intent that the Digital Solutions Cooperative serve as the hub for sharing best practices, provide a fast track for understanding efficiencies of Indigo presses, and ultimately drive sales and profitability for our members,” says Glacken.
The group’s first conference will
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