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Matik North America

March 9, 2006

Matik North America
to represent Senntech
Matik North America, based in West Hartford, CT, USA, is now representing the Senntech line of slitter rewinders in the US, Canada and Mexico. Matik now will provide owners of existing and new Senntech slitter rewinders access to its experience with servicing of converting machinery.
Matik has been the sole distributor of Goebel slitter rewinders for many years. The recent announcement follows the purchase in 2005 of Senntech Converting GmbH by Goebel Beteiligungs GmbH, which also owns Goebel Schneid und Wickelsysteme GmbH.
Matik North America handles the sales, technical support, spare parts, and services for Goebel Schneid und Wickelsysteme, Senntech, Vesta, Boix, Omet, Codimag, Multipack, Prodec, Synchropack, and TMZ, all European machine manufacturers.
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