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Ink degradent option

July 18, 2006

Ink degradent option
Fujifilm Sericol USA
Kansas City KS USA
Fujifilm Sericol USA has introduced the Xtend GreenLine “One-Step” Product Combination, a newly packaged product option for its XID-480 ink degradent. This product reduces the steps taken to clean screens. Instead of applying an ink degradent, letting it stand, washing it off, applying a stencil remover, letting it stand, and washing it off, this product allows the user to add the stencil remover and water directly into the prepackaged drum already containing the XID-480 ink degradent. The user then mixes the three products, applies the combination once and washes it off. The company says the one step product starts to work immediately to break down ink and emulsion, and screens are left com
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