EyeC expands operations into Benelux

Published September 13, 2006
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EyeC expands operations into Benelux
Object-based image processing has been around for several years in various industrial quality control applications. In our industry, EyeC GmbH, of Germany, is busy promoting its Proofiler line as a quality control tool for folding cartons, labels and information leaflets, especially for the pharmaceutical sector. In this case, the system automatically compares a stored PDF or archived master file to the scanned sample. The operator makes a decision on the severity of the errors found and generates a report showing enlarged images of the defects.
Increasing interest has prompted the Hamburg based company to expand its sales and support operations into Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It already has offices or partnerships in the USA and Japan and is represented in several other countries. Ansgar Kaupp, managing director, says there is rising interest among packaging and label printers serving other markets with high quality demands. The cosmetics and toiletries sector is an obvious example, but they included large volume label printers where the potential for errors and product mixing can be high. Apparently the Proofiler can find real errors, rather than small shifts in registration or minor squeezing of characters that can occur in flexo printing.
Erik Hoving, who runs EyeC’s sales operations in the Benelux region, points to another application: “The EC Directive on Braille marking on pharmaceutical packages, introduced last October, has put new demands on carton printers. Embossing the Braille is one issue, but checking it is almost impossible without a system with the capabilities of the EyeC Proofiler.”

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