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Swiss backing for licensed metallic ink system

September 13, 2006

Swiss backing for licensed metallic ink system
In order to strengthen its color management services, Ciba Speciality Chemicals of Basel, Switzerland, has acquired a majority share in MetalFX Technology of Guisely, near Leeds, UK. Launched four years ago, the MetalFX system is based on metallic shade reference books and special kits. It is licensed to printers, ink makers, paper makers, and color management specialists covering many commercial and packaging applications. The software based swatch books allow users to create thousands of metallic effects in a single pass on a five-color press simply by using CMYK process inks plus a MetalFX base color. Designers can use the system to incorporate customized metallic shades in their designs and help brand owners to differentiate products.
“The MetalFX concept greatly increases the creative scope of print and has proven to be a highly profitable asset to its users,” said Sonia Megert Marshall, global
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