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Maxcess unit teaches

November 14, 2006

Maxcess unit teaches
web handling and more
Maxcess International, of Oklahoma City, OK, USA, a group of companies that manufactures web handling equipment, has created Maxcess University, an educational program that combines hands-on training and online resources to improve the web handling process, including winding, guiding, slitting, inspection, and tension control.
Maxcess University will provide the expertise of its member companies — Fife, MAGPOWR and Tidland — as well as other industry experts throughout the web handling industry. Formats for learning will include trouble-shooting classes offered in various cities, e-seminars held online throughout the year, access to technical articles and documents, online videos, and collaboration on current topics at
“We’re focused on empowering converters to improve their web handling process, and this new resource gives them the tools to do so,” says Stephanie Tuggle, director for Maxcess International. “The components of Maxcess University deliver years of web handling experience in a variety of formats to enable each individual to learn the way that’s best for them.”