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Speeding the supply of Toshiba computers in Europe

November 14, 2006

Speeding the supply of Toshiba computers in Europe
Toshiba Europe is employing UPM Raflatac to develop one of the largest Gen2 RFID supply chain systems in Europe. The deal includes Toshiba TEC, a supplier of RFID label printers, and ADT Security/Tyco the provider of the RFID reader hardware. The chain covers the customer-specific configuration of every Toshiba laptop destined for European and Middle East countries. Using Rafsec tags, the system is designed to avoid warehouse bottlenecks and increase worker productivity at its plant in Regensburg, Germany, by an estimated 57 percent.
Previously, when the pallets with 36 laptop PCs arrived at Toshiba’s warehouse for storage, handling staff would book in the delivery by scanning the bar codes on each box individually. Only then could the pallet move on. By fitting each boxed laptop with a Rafsec G2 ShortDipole tag, the entire pallet can be processed instantly by passing it through an RFID reader gate at the entrance. When fully implemented, Toshiba expects its warehouse to handle 15,000 PCs a day compared with the current 9,500, rising to an expected peak capacity of
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