New Products


January 23, 2007

Starna Industries
Chadwell Heath UK
Starna Industries has developed new environmentally friendly primer coatings. Curecoat 1 is a water based coating suitable for use on most papers and plastics. The company says it promotes excellent adhesion of HP Indigo inks and other digital systems. Curecoat 2 has the same properties as Curecoat 1, but it is supplied press-ready with no mixing required. Curecoat 3 is recommended for demanding shrink wrap processes or applications involving the use of high-slip polymers such as films or foil. Curecoat XP has been formulated for use with toner-type digital systems, which do not always provide good adhesion to films and foil. Curecoat XP can also be used as a primer for the company’s new CureTec 100/200/300 UV varnishes.