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DiTrolio school reaches out to regional teens

March 19, 2007

DiTrolio school reaches out to regional teens
DiTrolio Flexographic Institute (DFI), Broadview, IL, USA, has launched an effort to educate high school students in the Chicago area about the benefits of flexo training and a future in the industry. Says DFI representative Tom Anderson, “We want high school kids to know that there are well-paying jobs available in the flexographic printing industry.”
The institute is sending Anderson to high schools all over the Chicago area to educate students about flexographic printing, its need for press operators and the benefits of a career in flexo. He emphasizes that the flexographic industry is growing, and maintains that it offers more job security than many other fields.
“Most of the students we’re talking to are looking at minimum wage jobs in the fast food industry after graduation, or maybe jobs in trucking,” according to Anderson. “We show them that with training, press operators earn a starting wage of $10-$14 an hour, with ample opportunity for growth and advancement.”
DFI is offering $1,000 scholarships for high school seniors in the Chicago area who want to get flexo training right out of high school, says Anderson.
“With cooperation from the industry, DFI provides internships where students can earn $8-$10 an hour while they’re still in school,” says Sara Gallagher, the institute’s project manager. “The industry is eager to hire young people who are well trained — and because there are fewer women working in flexo printing, there is a real movement to increase the number of women in this field, as well.”

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