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Loparex invests in North American capacity

March 19, 2007

Loparex invests in North American capacity
Loparex, a global producer of silicone release liners, has announced several capital investments to add paper coating and film blowing capacity, and to streamline operations within North America.
A high-speed paper coating line has been started up in Loparex’ Hammond, WI, USA facility. A second multi-layer blown film extrusion line will be installed in February, also in the Hammond location. This new line incorporates the latest technology for producing lay-flat, bag-free polyolefin films, which are critical in release liner applications.
Loparex also reports that some coating lines located in the Dixon, IL, USA operation will be shut down in the coming months. Coater 10 in Dixon will continue to produce solvent and solventless release liner products. It is expected that some of the employees in the Dixon facility will be transferred to other Loparex locations.
According to Pentti Kallio, Loparex Group CEO, “Loparex continues to invest in a responsible manner as would be expected of the market leader. These investments in North America follow our recent capacity expansions in Asia Pacific and in Europe. Our commitment is to support our customers and to do so globally.”