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UPM Raflatac expands RFID, opens China plant

April 11, 2007

UPM Raflatac expands RFID, opens China plant
UPM Raflatac, a Finnish manufacturer of RFID tags and inlays, has announced that it is doubling the RFID tag and inlay production capacity at its Jyväskylä production plant in Finland. With this capacity increase the company addresses rapidly growing demand for both HF and UHF products, according to Christer Härkönen, senior vice president, RFID.
The additional RFID tag production capacity will be installed and ready for use in March 2007, when the RFID production plant in Jyväskylä moves to new, modern premises in the same area. In addition to production in Finland, UPM Raflatac has an RFID production plant in North Carolina, USA. Both production plants serve RFID markets globally.
“Our sales have developed positively over the past two years,” says Härkönen. “To support growing customer demand, we’ve decided to increase our production capacity in Finland. With twice the capacity we’ll be able to secure our leading position in the market.”
UPM Raflatac also announced the completion of a new labelstock manufacturing center in Changshu, China. The factory supplies paper and film label materials for standard and special applications to markets throughout China and the Asia Pacific region.
“With our new Changshu factory we’ll be providing China our full product range and the superior quality service for which UPM Raflatac is known,” says Heikki Pikkarainen, president of UPM Raflatac.