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German coater plans

April 11, 2007

German coater plans
to triple PSA production
Herma is well under way with a new self-adhesive coating plant under construction in Filderstadt Bonlanden, Germany. The project, which costs some €30 million (US$39.95 million), is scheduled for completion later this year. The Stuttgart-based company supplies 70 percent of its adhesive material to global customers and retains the rest for internal company processes.
The new coating plant will allow Herma the potential to triple annual production capacity for adhesive material from 250 to 750 million square meters. “We are also set to achieve a breakthrough in terms of coating speed, with production rates increasing from 800 meters per minute to 1,100 to 1,200 meters per minute,” says Thomas Baumgärtner, managing director. “We will achieve the higher speeds by introducing new types of adhesive curtain coaters, as opposed to roller application.”
Part of the plant’s space saving and energy saving initiatives include a heat recovery system and gas fired heating to dry the paper webs directly. The material flow system is designed to increase speed and efficiency by reducing manual transportation routes between the