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3 Sigma Corporation

July 19, 2007

3 Sigma Corporation
improves its web site
3 Sigma, a supplier of pressure sensitive products based in Troy, OH, USA, has announced major improvements to its web site: Some of the new features include expanded information regarding product lines and capabilities, an online request feature for literature and information on career opportunities, and a real time interaction feature allowing for immediate feedback on questions and inquiries.
According to Marketing Manager Terry Cudney, “3 Sigma has always strived to provide feedback, information and custom specialty products more rapidly than our competition. We recognize that our customers are continually facing pressures to reduce their lead time and improve response to end users. These improvements are intended to support that goal.”
Cudney says that the company will be adding additional features over the next few months “to further improve value and usefulness for our web site visitors.”
3 Sigma manufactures specialty items such as Sigmature and Sigmaflex pressure sensitive products, as well as repositionable RPN Mail and News Labels, Universal Coupon Film, Anchorseal, and Extend-a-Seal product lines.