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Eagle Flexible Packaging adds shrink sleeves

July 19, 2007

Eagle Flexible Packaging adds shrink sleeves
Eagle Flexible Packaging Inc., of West Chicago, IL, USA, announces the addition of shrink sleeve labels to its flexible film packaging capabilities. Eagle’s primary business is in short-to-medium runs, and many of its customers shrink products for new label and package development, including test market and product launch runs.
Thomas Tyndall, vice president and general manager of Eagle, says, “The anticipated growth of shrink sleeve labels is expected to reach 12 to 14 percent through 2007, with continued growth projected for 2008 and beyond. We’ve added shrink sleeve labels to our comprehensive capabilities to help our customers try new graphic concepts and shapes, and to bring their products to market faster.
“Because we get involved in the packaging process early with our customers, we are proactive in analyzing the graphics and working with the prepress to assure our customer’s expectations are fully realized. The goal here is to shave weeks, even months, off the development schedule so customers can go from concept to commercial in the shortest possible time. We work to optimize the printing solution and preemptively eliminate problems before they show up in full production. That involves extensive testing of ink and substrate combinations in our in-house testing facility and sometimes even development of custom formulations. That process was applied to our shrink sleeve products so our customers will not have unwelcome problems when their products go fully commercial.”