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Alex Mulvenny granted MBE award

September 17, 2007

Alex Mulvenny granted MBE award
Alex Mulvenny, owner of Labelgraphics, will receive a Member of the British Empire (MBE) award from the Queen of England. The MBE is one of a series of awards that the queen gives out on an annual basis. Mulvenny says, “One hundred twenty people from Scotland have been selected for various awards this time and I am one of them.” His award is for services to Scottish industry, particularly the printing industry. He says, “I’m still awaiting details of when and where the award will be given.” It could be several months before the award ceremony takes place.
Mulvenny found out about the award in June. Addressing how he was chosen, he says, “I think first and foremost it’s something that people who have known you for some time are encouraged to put your name forward. Some of the business people that we’ve dealt with in the past have put names forward.” Mulvenny says the MBE award covers all aspects of life from healthcare to business to just being a good citizen.
In addition to being grateful for the recognition, Mulvenny says, “It will be exciting for me to meet the queen.”