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CTP print solution

September 17, 2007

CTP print solution
Rochester NY USA
Kodak offers a new computer to plate (CTP) print solution for package printing. The Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic System provides previously unachievable near offset print quality on a variety of substrates, including paper, flexible film, foil, and labelstock. The integrated Flexcel NX system includes the Kodak Flexcel NX 830 Thermal Imaging Layer, a choice of Kodak Trendsetter NX Narrow or Mid Imager, Kodak Flexcel NX Laminator, Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic Plates, and the Kodak Prinergy Workflow System for packaging. The Flexcel NX Thermal Imaging Layer is imaged using Kodak Squarespot Imaging Technology to provide exceptionally high resolution images with highlight dots considerably smaller than those possible with existing digital flexo technology. The Flexcel NX System can reproduce dots as small as 10 microns. The improved resolution allows flexographic printers to reproduce on press subtle gradations in highlights and use all levels of gray.