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Plate mounting

September 17, 2007

Plate mounting
Tectonic International
Merthyr Tydfil UK
Tectonic International offers the Flexico V5 flexo plate mounting system. The patented design of the V5 includes a rise-and-fall plate bed. Operators place the plate onto the bed, where it is pulled forward under the cameras to be aligned to the register marks. Once the plate is lined up, the user activates a foot switch to gently drop the holding bar onto the plate and hold it in position. Then, he or she can use the two adjusting wheels on the right and left hand side of the plate bed to swivel the plate bed for perfect registration. The V5 also adjusts for a variety of cylinder sizes. To adjust the size, the operator turns a wheel on the left side to raise or lower the plate bed and automatically refocuses the alignment cameras.