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Width measurement device

September 17, 2007

Width measurement device
Sensor Products
Madison NJ USA
Sensor Products has developed P-Nip, a handheld portable electronic device. P-Nip allows the capture of nip readings at multiple discrete locations across the roller sets’ face length (cross direction) as determined by the user. It is designed for nips that are 1⁄16" to 1⁄2" (1.6mm to 12.7mm). Similar in size to a PDA, P-Nip consists of an LCD display with a small replaceable sensor finger that extends from the top. Recording the spot values involves inserting this sensor “finger” into your nip. P-Nip’s memory allows you to store your readings for later comparison and evaluation. P-Nip is ideal for quick, yet accurate (± 2 percent) nip measurements. Readings can be recorded within seconds with no setup time required.