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October 15, 2007

New approach to
UV-based brand protection
The ultimate aim of all anti-counterfeiting processes is to protect brands with high levels of security that are simple to handle in terms of production technology. Jura JSP in Vienna and the German firm Weilburger Graphics think they have cracked it with the TWIN-ICI system. It is said to require only minor process modifications and can be produced inline “at favorable cost” by standard packaging and label printing methods in almost all applications. Both companies are members of PrintCity, a strategic alliance that connects worldwide expertise from over 40 independent companies within the graphic arts industry.
The security element combines ICI (Invisible Constant Information) technology and UV-curable coatings and printing inks supplied by Weilburger. It is said to be completely invisible under normal light conditions, and can be used on nonprinted areas, solid colors and halftones.
The system does not inhibit the design process because the security elements are incorporated only after designs are completed. Verification of TWIN-ICI