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Raflatac RFID tags

October 15, 2007

Raflatac RFID tags
in healthcare distribution
MBA Grupo, a European healthcare distributor headquartered in Spain, has adopted UPM Raflatac’s UHF EPC Generation 2 tags. This type of RFID technology is expected to improve stock management, allowing product tracking throughout the entire supply chain, from production in Spain to private and public hospitals in Spain, Italy and Portugal. An initial project test confirmed that the system could be used with a wide variety of materials and packaging within 48 product groups, amounting to 5,700 different references and more than 300,000 items.
MBA’s main warehouse is being equipped with two RFID reader gates to enable order and shipping control. UPM Raflatac RFID tags will be applied to products in stock and replace conventional bar coded labels. The aim is to improve the efficiency of receipt and shipping of goods, with automatic reading in place for the serial numbers and expiration dates on all dispatched products. The third phase of the project will cover the warehouses of MBA’s 23 subsidiaries in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The hospitals it supplies will be equipped with mobile RFID readers, allowing MBA to control its product stock levels, as well as the expiration dates of sterile products.