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Precision AirConvey offers roll splitter test

November 19, 2007

Precision AirConvey offers roll splitter test
Converting equipment manufacturer Precision AirConvey, Newark, DE, USA, has introduced a free video test service on its roll splitter, inviting converters, packagers, waste material brokers, plastics processors, and others to send a sample roll of their material for removal on the automated equipment in the company’s in-house testing laboratory. The free test service includes a DVD featuring the actual test and its outcome in live action video to provide visual documentation of its success.
To be conducted on the PAC Model 30 Roll Splitter, the free video test service accommodates rolls as long as 30” long with diameters up to 15” that are wound with plastic film, paper, foil, or nonwovens including coated or multi-layered materials. The PAC Model 30 is one of four different roll splitters that automatically remove material from cores up to 72” long to permit and promote fast, safe, contaminant-free reprocessing.
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