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Label Traxx expands

January 16, 2008

Label Traxx expands
into South Asia
US based Tailored Solutions Inc. has appointed Weldon Celloplast Limited, of New Delhi, as its exclusive agent for sales in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, to market its Label Traxx job management systems.
Weldon Celloplast was founded in 1982 by Harveer Singh Sahni and is a major producer of self-adhesive labelstocks in India. It is a UL certified ISO: 9001:2000 company, offering a variety of customized self-adhesive label materials, specialty tapes and security labelstocks. “This association with Tailored Solutions will bring value to our relationship and offerings to our customers through this unique software,” says Pawandeep Sahni, director of operations.
Tailored Solutions, based in Milwaukee, WI, USA, specializes in automated job management software systems for the printing industry. More than 270 label and commercial printers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean employ Tailored Solutions’ software to manage and monitor their businesses. The company recently expanded sales efforts in Europe to include a United Kingdom office.