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Coating company switches to wind power

March 25, 2008

Coating company switches to wind power
Masterpiece Graphix, of Fenton, MO, USA, has launched a wind power program, making it the first digital top coater to exclusively use wind to power its entire facility. The move came in response to an increasing demand from consumers for a more eco-friendly product, as well as the positive feedback currently being generated by this form of renewable energy.
Masterpiece Graphix is a digital top-coater that specializes in producing digitally treated materials for use with HP Indigo, IGen, Nexpress, Xeikon, and other digital presses. In addition, the company offers coatings for a wide array of materials including inkjet, anti-static and laser.
By using wind energy to power its presses, Masterpiece has reduced the emissions generated and released into the atmosphere through the use of non-renewable energy sources such as coal and nuclear power, the two leading contributors linked to global warming. A wind farm located in Kansas City, MO, USA, generates the energy for the company.
“After seeing the many benefits of switching to renewable energy, we encourage and challenge each business to pursue various ways in which they too can make small changes with big effects,” says Masterpiece Graphix’s office manager, Lauren Deibel.
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