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Innovia NatureFlex films rated ‘CarbonZero’

March 25, 2008

Innovia NatureFlex films rated ‘CarbonZero’
Innovia Films has achieved CarbonZero status on its range of NatureFlex coated biodegradable and compostable packaging films through the implementation of carbon-reduction schemes. The designation has been awarded by co2balance, a business that works with companies to reduce carbon emissions.
According to Innovia, NatureFlex complies with specifications required for soil, home composting and waste water applications at ambient temperatures, as well as for industrial composting. Following a comprehensive life cycle assessment on its NatureFlex products during 2007, which was conducted to allow the company to quantify the environmental impact of the product on a “cradle to gate” basis, Innovia Films was able to determine the carbon footprint of coated NatureFlex biodegradable and compostable packaging films in 2008.
“Reducing a company’s carbon footprint should principally be achieved through improvements in energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption, enhanced process technology and waste reduction,” says David Beeby, Innovia Films’ CEO. “We have already made significant cuts in this way and are committed to continuing this in the future. Any manufacturing process will inevitably have an environmental impact and our involvement in these initiatives allows us to offset the overall effect of NatureFlex production and reassure our customers it is actually CarbonZero at the point of dispatch from Innovia’s premises.”
Working with co2balance, Innovia Films decided to plant 3,000 trees in Cumbria, England. The planting of the new forest with a mix of British broad leafed trees within 30 kilometers of its Wigton site was selected because NatureFlex is manufactured in Cumbria. The forest is directly
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