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Measurement gauge

March 25, 2008

Measurement gauge
Beta LaserMike
Dayton OH USA
The LaserSpeed 4000-3 non-contact length and speed measurement gauge uses a proven technology called Laser Doppler Velocimetry to accurately measure the length and speed of any moving product or surface to an accuracy of ± 0.05 percent or better. The new LS4000-3 adds Ethernet communication and configurable I/O. This makes it even easier to integrate LS4000-3 into any control or monitoring system. The LaserSpeed series of measurement gauges were designed to be drop-in replacements for any type of mechanical tachometer. They have proven to provide a typical return on investment of less than two months. Savings are achieved through increased accuracy, reduced scrap, less product giveaway, reduction of charge backs from short rolls or lengths and reduced maintenance/calibration costs.