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Les femmes

May 20, 2008

Les femmes
Gender correctness is maybe less acute in Europe than in North America, but French label magazine Etiq & Pack took the bull and the cow by the horns with an investigation on women in management positions in the French label industry. The findings were pretty much as expected. Plenty of girls and young women enter the profession through technical and graphic arts studies, but there are only a handful of female managers in the top 50 French label converters.
One of the country’s leading narrow web converters admits that while nearly half its employees are women, only 8 percent of managers are female. Among the small and medium sized label converters there are many Mom and Pop firms, but in general it is Papa who runs the business and makes the decisions while Maman does the accounting. Companies that belong to international groups are more likely to be true equal opportunity employers for men and women.
Examples include the marketing director of CCL Label France, Coralie Gambart de Lignières, who holds a key decision making post and also sits on the Board of the French label association, UNFEA. Sato France has Christine Ghys as its production manager. She was orig

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